Waste-Not Boxes

**Recipient sign-up link at the bottom of this page**

Waste Not Boxes are put together by Serve the People Meal and Fireweed Food Co-op and distributed to people in Winnipeg experiencing food insecurity. The project is made possible because of generous volunteers and donors in our community.

What is the Waste Not program? Serve the People and Fireweed Food Co-op formed a partnership in summer 2020 to help distribute local food to homes in Winnipeg experiencing food insecurity. During peak growing season, most of the food is donated by local producers (either through their own programs, or excess produce they won’t sell before it goes bad). Not only do the Waste Not boxes help with the distribution of nutritious food to homes experiencing food insecurity, they also help prevent food waste.

How it works: Serve the People facilitates a sign-up sheet for recipients to use and Fireweed Food Co-op packages the food at their warehouse. Every Thursday community volunteers pick-up the packages and deliver them to the homes who have requested food. Since summer 2020, we have delivered local food to nearly 1000 people.

Why local? The food being purchased for these boxes comes from local farmers engaging in regenerative agricultural practices. Not only are we able to support a more sustainable and just food system within our province, but we’re also able to provide food that’s incredibly nutritious. This project aims to remove the financial barriers that are often involved in accessing local, nutritious food.

What’s in each box? We try to ensure there’s protein in each box (a generous donor provides us with frozen hams most weeks), enough vegetables to last 2-3 meals, locally grown grains, beans, oils, and other pantry products, when available.

Want to contribute to the program? We’re currently running a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise enough money to keep the program going through the rest of winter and spring 2021. Donate here, or send an e-transfer to servethepeopleinitiative@gmail.com.


RECIPIENT SIGN-UP: Sign-up opens every Saturday in the morning via the link below.

Please consider reserving Waste Not Boxes for someone else if you have received one for the past few weeks and have other resources you can access.