WPG Spring Plant Distribution

WPG Spring Plant Distribution

**Recipient sign-up link at the bottom of this page**


The WPG spring plant distribution has been put together by Serve the People and Grow To Eat, and distributed to people in Winnipeg experiencing food insecurity. The project is made possible because of generous volunteers and donors in our community.

What is the WPG spring plant distribution? Grow 2 Eat is a new initiative in partnership with Serve The People. Together we are working to provide veggie and herb plants to people in Winnipeg who have barriers to purchasing plants themselves. The mission is to make growing one’s own food an easy and accessible experience for all. Everyone deserves to benefit from growing their own food.

How it works: Serve the People will be facilitating the sign-up sheet for recipients to use and find the volunteer drivers to distribute the plants. Grow to Eat will package the plants and put together care instructions. They will also put together soil and planting pots for anyone who needs. Distribution day: June 10th.

What will recipients receive? All recipients will receive a minimum of one tomato plant and one herb plant (quantity of plants that recipients receive will be based on their growing space, preferences and homes size).

Want to contribute to the program? Want to contribute to the program? Feel free to e-transfer servethepeopleinitiative@gmail.com and note “Plant Distribution” in the memo. Have plants, soil or compost to donate? Please reach out using the email address above. We’re also looking for donations of plant pots (see below).

Plant pot donation info: Drop off May 27-June 3 at Fireweed Food Hub (1338A Clifton St.). Place pots in the blue bin under the stairs at the back of the building. Please note we are not accepting single-use black plastic containers.